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The letter “G” in 5G stands for “generation”. Wireless technology for phones technically started with 1G and expanded to 2G in the early 1990s, when companies began allowing people to send text messages between two devices.

Later, the world will see 3G technology that will allow you to make calls, text messages and surf the Internet. 4G has improved many of these capabilities to enable 3G, but faster.

5G is on everyone’s lips. This new mobile technology will increase connection speed, minimize latency and increase the number of connected devices exponentially. In other words: we will be connected to everything throughout the day and in the shortest possible time.

The 5G designation refers to the fifth generation of cellular networks that we know. The old 1G network, one of the first cell phones that only allowed people to talk, was gone. 2G technology introduced SMS, and our Neustrom smartphone gradually became an increasingly wider communication tool. First, the Internet connection (3G) was turned on, then broadband (4G), which allowed for real-time video playback (streaming) or augmented reality.

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