4sites for Dream11 Alternatives


5sites for Dream11 Alternatives

In 2022, we will cover five alternatives to Dream11. You can see fantasy app ads on TV, the Internet, and almost anywhere. The fantasy platform like Dream11 is the official partner of the Indian Premier League and actually had the title sponsor of the league in 2020.

I joined today’s IND vs PAK  T20 match. I chose an PAK swimmer named Reece Tooley who was initially selected 41.11% and immediately after winning a wicket showed he was nominated 50%+%

Same with Khohli who started at 62% +% after going 4 rounds to 56%.

Dream 11 always changes teams during the game. In a big tournament with more than 5 players, the missing 1% is 5000 because you already know that in big tournaments with a rating of 100 or less you get nothing in the queue.

Dream11 has an aggressive database of 100 million users who compete on the platform daily. In fact, this number will increase as events like the IPL or other major sporting events continue.

Dream 11 is so competitive that so many people play it every day. As a result, winning consistently in Dream11 is not easy.

So if you’re always trying to keep up with Dream11 and you’re wasting your precious money, this is the place for you. We will tell you about 3 different fantasy platforms that are less competitive than Dream11 that are right for you and have some very interesting and unique features to help you win consistently.

The best alternative to Dream11

  • Fan 2 Play.
  • My Team 11
  • Gamezy
  • Apna League
  • Vision 11



Fan2Play is one of the exciting ready-to-play players in the fantastic world of cricket. A platform that offers fantasy cricket with a twist. In addition to 11-man teams, users can play against other players in fantastic teams of 2, 3 or 4. For example, in a two-player challenge, instead of making a team of 11, you can choose the two players you think will get the highest score in the match.

Fan2Play also makes it easy to pick your favorite players with lower credit scores on an 11-person fantasy than on other platforms.

my Team 11

Myteam 11 has two unique features which are:

  • It gives you more flexibility in creating teams.
  • In this fantasy game you have the option to switch players.

MyTeam11 is one of the biggest names in the Indian fantasy sports industry after Dream11. MyTeam11 is one of the biggest names in the Indian fantasy sports industry after Dream11. They have all the leagues that Dream11 has and a few variations, especially the smaller leagues. Team selection criteria: 1-4 goalkeepers, 2-6 clubs or players, 1-6 all-rounders and 2-6 pegs, allowing for more flexibility in team composition. For example, you can choose more batsmen and only two bowlers with a good batting average, or vice versa.

Another unique feature is the player replacement feature, which allows multiple players to be replaced to replace unwanted players. Often matches can be played both in the morning and at midnight. To do this, wait for the team edit until the team is announced. Substitution Gives you the option to select players as substitutes. If the dream player is not in the team, the replaced player will be replaced against that player. You won’t lose because you can edit your team with replacement players.

MyTeam11 has a bigger league with a cash prize closure and instant payout upon winnings. Overall, it is a very good fantasy search platform and you should try this platform as well.


Another good fantasy cricket platform that is none other than Gamesy. Although it is relatively new, it has more than 1 million users in just one year and has very interesting and unique features.

There is a second inning feature that allows users to form teams and only compete for the second inning, not the entire game. This can be helpful in situations where you are not sure how he will play on the pitch and based on all the data from the first inning you can join forces for the second inning.

This is an amazing platform for sports fans where they form a real team of real cricket players and even have a chance to win some money. An open door where you can choose 11 matches for both teams. Of course, this is where you become a party gatherer.

Apna League

One of the things I really like about this app is that we can create our own team called Apna League. You have to do it yourself to have sex with your spouse. To join the Association, you must give them an invitation code. The best part about this part is that the person forming the federation or league will get 100% of the profit exciting? Why has it become so popular with cricket fans? These are some of the reasons why our fake cricket pitch continues to grow.

Leagues are budget friendly Includes world leagues with tournament series from as low as Rs 1.


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