5 personal finance apps and software

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5 personal finance apps and software

Managing personal finances isn’t always easy. It is for this reason that developers have designed different apps to make it easier for users to manage their money. Unfortunately, the sheer number of personal finance apps and software out there today doesn’t make it easy to choose. Here is a top 5 best personal finance apps Mint,

when you master your money, life is good

Mint is one of the most popular apps. It is developed by the American company Intuit. Its success with users is due to its user interface and features. Indeed, this personal finance app is easy to use and offers the best features.

With Mint, you have information on:

  • the current state of your finances;
  • the total net worth of your savings;
  • details of each financial transaction carried out;

online financial transactions.

To give you this different information, Mint connects to your different physical bank accounts and those online such as PayPal accounts. This information helps the user to identify unnecessary expenses that he can avoid. They also allow him to know if his budget is in balance or not.

The application uses the images to illustrate this different information about your finances. It is downloadable online and is only in English. Mint is free on iOS and Android operating systems.

YNAB, take full control of your money

YNAB (You Need A Budget) which means in French (You need a budget). This software is designed to help users get out of debt and save money to complete their projects.

This comprehensive personal finance software incorporates several useful features in dealing with everything related to your finances. With YNAB you can:

  • realize your accounts;
  • find your various transactions;
  • budget your money;
  • follow the evolution of your capital;
  • create savings goals.

The software is easy to use despite its many features. It was designed for beginners in terms of budgeting. It is still recommended for those new to personal finance management.

YNAB is only available in English. This is the only catch for those who not used to the English language. The software is paid for at a price of $6.99/month.

Wallet, budget tracking, finance, money

Wallet is one of the most popular financial applications in a hundred countries.

Its use is to insert all the data on income and expenses. To make things easier, you can categorize this data. The personal finance application gives you clear information on all the transactions carried out on your different accounts. You also have the final balance, unnecessary expenses and the different sources of income. It is a choice of the Android team.

Mocha 360, formerly Mylo

Moka 360 a  financial application  originally created by the Quebec company Mylo, based in Montreal. The application works like the period when small coins were saved. So when you connect your accounts to the app, it rounds up every expense you make and places the remaining pennies.

This currency is withdrawn from your accounts every Monday to invested in stocks and bonds from thousands of issuers. You can speed up your savings by adding money to rounded amounts.

Linxo,  easy to do your accounts!

Linxo is one of the best software to manage your finances easily and efficiently. With this software, budget management becomes real moments of pleasure. The user interface of the personal finance software is designed with a minimalist style to facilitate budget tracking through clear and concise diagrams. Linxo allows you to follow all your bank accounts on the same interface.

Linxo is free to download. However, there paid versions that offer slightly more advanced features. The mobile software is available on Android and iOS smartphones. You then have access to your accounts at any time. There are web and desktop versions for large screens.

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