Best HD Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

Best HD Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

iOS 16 is an important update for more than one reason. Among the many new features in iOS 16 are more home screen widgets and the ability to customize your iPhone lock screen with widgets, fonts, and colors. So you can go even further with custom home screen and lock screen designs. Speaking of custom screen layout, the wallpapers selected for iPhone are a huge part of your design and style. Whether you are looking for a stunning background to design your home screen to your heart or you just want to expand your library of themes and wallpapers, here are 12 best HD live wallpaper apps for iPhone.

In this article, we have included iPhone live wallpaper apps for AMOLED screens, anime wallpapers and apps that you can use to create your own HD live wallpaper live wallpapers. In addition, we will also talk about native iPhone live wallpapers. As always, you can use the table of contents to easily navigate through this article.

Live HD wallpapers forever

One of my favorite iPhone HD live wallpaper live wallpaper apps is Live Wallpapers Forever, which offers a healthy selection of HD live wallpaper live wallpapers ranging from muted to exuberant. The application is very well developed and comes with many categories to help you find your favorite HD live wallpaper live wallpapers.

The categories include For You, Most Popular, Free, Most Popular, Abstract, Animals and more. Overall, the wallpaper selection is pretty good here. So you can count on this app to provide you with a curated wallpaper collection. Besides, it also offers special content with motivational quotes and famous people quotes to help you stay motivated. The only problem I have with this app is that unlocking the pro version which removes ads and gives you access to all premium wallpapers is a bit costly.

Best HD Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

Black Lite – animated wallpaper

If you own the latest iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro or the latest iPhone 13 Pro models, this could be the best animated wallpaper for you. Since all of these smartphones have an AMOLED screen with individually illuminated pixels, the black wallpaper overall provides better battery life and looks really good. The Black Lite – HD live wallpaper Live Wallpapers that I present here comes with a set of completely black wallpapers with a live morphing gem in the center. The wallpaper looks great on AMOLED screens. There are some free wallpapers and the rest are hidden behind a paid wall. Luckily, the pro version comes at a pretty good price so you don’t have to spend too much money.

WOW pixel

If you like retro images, this HD live wallpaper live wallpaper will fall into your alley. The WOW Pixel live wallpaper app includes wallpapers with 8 bit adventures. There are a few selected heroes, each with their own storyline displayed on animated wallpapers.  HD live wallpaper Live focus here on displaying emotions.


If you’re someone who likes more control over their wallpapers, try intoLive, which is a HD live wallpaper live wallpaper maker app that lets you turn videos and GIFs into animated wallpapers. You can use any movie or GIF and convert them into HD live wallpaper live wallpapers that look really amazing. Or you can create GIFs on your Mac and use them to create  HD live wallpaper live wallpapers. The good thing about this app is that it only takes a few seconds to create  HD live wallpaper live wallpapers. Live wallpapers created with the inLive app look great on any iPhone model, from the iPhone 6s to the latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models.


Zedge is a very popular name in the wallpaper world, and the Zedge iPhone app offers tons of free iPhone wallpapers. There are many live wallpapers on Zedge, however most of them are not free to download. You need 10 Zedge Credits to get Zedge HD live wallpaper Live Wallpapers. Now the app gives you 10 credits for free, so you can get one live wallpaper without spending a penny, but you can buy more credits to download even more wallpapers. Credits are not too expensive either, you can get 500 credits for as little as $ 0.99

Live wallpapers for me

This Apalon Apps offering has one of the largest wallpaper collections. From dynamic wallpapers to gorgeous HD live wallpaper live wallpapers, it has both variety and an impressive appearance to find a safe spot in your catalog. You will surely find wallpapers of your choice in this application. Moreover, the app publishes new animations and dynamic themes every week, so you’ll always have tons of cool images to choose from.

Best HD Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

Live wallpaper creator

Just take a look at the 4K Live Wallpaper deals and you’ll find they are perfect for your iPhone! Yes, this app works pretty well for most aspects such as variety and stunning design. Whether it’s a beautiful collection of nature live wallpapers for iPhone, or a cool animal wallpaper catalog, or st catalogs of live wallpapers for iPhone, you should definitely check out “Live Wallpapers Plus HD 4k”. The app ranks second in many moving backgrounds and themes. They are beautifully designed by professional artists and contain all sorts of ingredients to enhance the look of your iPhone’s home screen / lock screen.

Live Wallpapers and HD Themes

Another great iPhone live app is HD live wallpaper Live wallpapers and HD themes which offer lots of cool looking wallpapers. I really like this app as the  HD live wallpaperlive wallpapers presented here are quite unique and most of them you won’t find in any other app

Kapp boom

Kappboom is another iPhone HD live wallpaper live wallpaper app that you can check out. The app offers some really cool HD live wallpaper live wallpapers for your iOS devices. Whether you’re looking for space, a city, live animal wallpapers, or anything else, Kappboom likely has animated wallpapers to cover you up.


Wallcraft has one of the largest collections of 4K animated wallpapers for iPhone. Unlike many other apps, it provides a different set of wallpapers for each iPhone model. Therefore, finding HD live wallpaper live wallpapers that match your device’s resolution becomes a bit easy. Whether you have an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 13, you’ll have a special collection of backgrounds to choose from.

4K Live Wallpaper Creator: Life

In addition to a large collection of animated wallpapers, Live Wallpaper Maker 4K: Life also allows you to create custom animated wallpapers. So, if you want to customize your iPhone lock screen with custom wallpapers, you should keep that in mind. It’s worth noting that it also provides cool widgets that allow you to design your home screen to your liking.

Bonus: Live Wallpapers X

Live Wallpapers X is another iPhone wallpaper app that has a huge library of beautifully designed backgrounds and themes. Whether it’s eye-catching night cities, fascinating animal backgrounds or calming landscapes, it offers a variety that allows you to design your home or lock screen with as much freedom as you want.

How to use native live wallpapers on iPhone

From time to time, Apple releases its own set of animated wallpapers that can be applied to the lock screen. While they are small, they are manufactured by Apple, so they are highly optimized for your iPhone. If you don’t know how to use these wallpapers, here’s how you can use native HD live wallpaper live wallpapers on iPhone:

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