How To Make an Awesome Business Presentation? Tips & Examples

There are a huge number of critical nuances regarding the creation of an ideal presentation design that the audience would like to study and listen to carefully. If this is a narrowly thematic presentation (for example, for business), then there are even more requirements and details. So, how can you make perfect slides?

In fact, everything is not so difficult, because MasterBundles is ready to share the secrets of proper design! And to make it more visual, the team has collected six great examples of well-designed templates.

Recommendations On Making a Business Presentation

Before choosing PowerPoint templates or creating one from scratch, it’s worth learning a couple of critical tips:

  1. Answer the following questions: “Who will see this presentation?”, “What result do I want to get?”, “How does my target audience perceive the information best?”. Answers allow you to develop the structure and design ideal for a certain specificity.
  2. Make visual accents on the key idea of ​​the presentation so that the audience immediately understands what to focus on.
  3. Use “unity elements” — repeat icons or objects on each slide so that viewers remember the essential topic.
  4. Don’t clutter your slides with a lot of text mixed with an abundance of images, don’t be afraid to leave white space, because this will make it easier to view the slides at any speed.
  5. Keep in mind the contrast between the background/image color and font color: the audience’s eyes should not get tired of combinations like beige-white, red-blue, and brown-red.
  6. Follow design trends: for example, minimalist slides with pastel tones or juicy shades are popular now, sometimes they use a gradient. Stylish presentation = interesting presentation.

Be sure to check out trending business PowerPoint templates to demonstrate the application of basic tips.

Examples Of Good Presentation Templates

Ready to see some stylish and incredibly attractive templates? The team selected six sets that are instances of the perfect business presentation.

Campo – Adventure PowerPoint

Delicate peach elements, black font, as well as yellow, brick red, and brown accents on a white background are an example of competent design. It combines trendy shades, minimalism, and contrast.

1 - Campo – Adventure PowerPoint

Huge SWOT Presentation Bundle

The set contains six templates in different colors (yellow, purple, red, green, dark blue, and light blue). There are no extra elements or blocks for text, but only useful infographics on a white background.

2 - Huge SWOT Presentation Bundle

Best Business Presentation

Another example of a relevant template for business purposes is aimed specifically at demonstrating infographics. Customers can choose a green or beige theme depending on the business images used.

3 - Best Business Presentation

Professional Business PowerPoint Template

This template may look a bit messy at first glance, but the color combinations are very smooth. It is suitable for in-company business presentations, project descriptions, and workflow planning.

4 - Professional Business PowerPoint Template

Business PowerPoint Template

This is one of the best examples — clear blocks of information, a lot of graphic elements, minimalism, and streamlined icons will immediately attract the attention of the listener. All twenty-five slides are easily customizable so that the presentation template will be relevant for many business areas.

5 - Business PowerPoint Template

Business Consultant PowerPoint Presentation Template

And finally, let’s explore a slightly different business template — it seems a little dark, but the combination of blue-violet, juicy scarlet and turquoise do its job well. There is space for quotes and key ideas, interesting icons, and of course blocks for graphs. Customers should pay attention to this template because 50+ unique slides are perfect for creating a business presentation.

6 - Business Consultant PowerPoint Presentation Template

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