Solana Improve Crypto on The Go By Launching Web 3 Smartphone


Solana Improve Crypto on The Go By Launching Web 3 Smartphone

Solana believes in democratizing blockchain. Very recently they announced the launch of Saga, their version of an Android web3-focused smartphone. Their Web 3 smartphone and Solana Browser, allows users to securely create Ethereum wallets, view transactions in real-time, and participate in ICOs on the go. Solana’s a browser that runs on blockchain to power decentralization.

The aim of Saga is to offer a digital asset product service which allows users to easily interact with their crypto through the smartphone rather than needing to use a laptop for the browser functionalities. Sola also announced the launch of Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) which is a web3 layer specifically for Solana which is built into the phone.

SMS will include a number of products which include seed vault, a custody solution, Solana pay specifically for Android through a dApp and a mobile wallet adapter. These functions will allow developers to create a new type of mobile experience. The device will feature 512G of storage and a 6.67 inch OLED display at a price tag of $1,000. It is projected to be available early 2023 with pre-order available.

The launch of the Saga by Solana could catapult Solana into the league of the big Tech, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Samsung and Apple. It will allow Solsna to move out of their current crypto-centric positions, into more mainstream positions with access to wider markets and a bigger pool of consumers. The company is focused on bringing and increasing the amount of access to web3 options to smartphone devices. Doing so will help them increase their reach and ecosystem while merging two worlds together seamlessly.


Web 3 was originally an idea by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and describes a world where normal people will be able to use decentralized apps without needing to know how blockchains work, at all. These apps will be super safe because all data will be encrypted onto nodes with tamper-proof access control using public key cryptography. Web3 also means that users will be able to own and control their identities and data on decentralized networks.


To power Web 3, there needs to be innovative communication solutions that enable interactions between distributed systems and at the same time scale to billions of devices. That is why Solana is building a new blockchain protocol. Fast with transaction finality in less than 15 seconds. This is several orders of magnitude faster than most blockchains. Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world. It is expected to scale to 300k+ transactions per second.

Secure but unobtrusive. Solana’s purpose-built messaging layer shields applications from having to know anything about blockchain. The secure ledger serves as a private company ledger, not as a public oracle, so your communication with decentralized services on Solana stays private and secure.

Solana’s purpose-built messaging layer shields applications from having to know anything about blockchain. It is scalable to billions of devices. Solana consists of several proprietary components that combine to form a scalable transaction network with finality in 0.2 seconds. This is several orders of magnitude faster than blockchains like Ethereum.

Seamlessly integrated into your life . The secure ledger allows you to use dApps with normal applications, so users can use decentralized banking or crypto currency exchanges on top of Solana just as easily as if they were using it for WhatsApp or Slack.

Solana is regulatory compliant. All transactions are immutable, so that they can be shared with regulators and tax collectors in case they need to inspect your activities on the blockchain.

It has great Privacy. Personal data remains private by default. No one can tell whether you are calling someone through a VoIP service like Skype or sending them an email through Gmail.

As you can see, Solana is a full-featured, trustless blockchain protocol that is designed to be secure and private by default. But perhaps the most important thing is that Solana will be entirely interoperable with other blockchains and dApps. In other words, our favorite wallet app or exchange will be able to talk to Solana without any changes!

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