Headphones with a microphone for a computer – which one to choose


Remote learning has become part of our reality. Even when it seems that we have said goodbye to her for good, the topic returns again. In this situation, it is best to simply prepare for this form of teaching as best we can. How to do it? Good headphones with a computer microphone are essential.

  • Headphones with a microphone for a computer – types
  • What are headphones with a microphone useful for?
  • How to connect headphones?

Headphones aren’t just a fashionable gadget. This equipment is very useful at the moment. That is why it is worth investing in comfortable headphones for learning for a few hours, and all household members will certainly benefit from it. What is worth remembering when buying headphones?

1. Headphones With A Microphone For A Computer – Types

Before buying, it is worth getting to know the models of headphones with a microphone and consider which one will be the optimal solution, on which type of headphones to choose.

In-ear headphones – they perfectly isolate sounds coming from the environment, are comfortable and do not fall out of the ears, additionally guarantee stability

Over-ear headphones – these are good gaming headphones, however, they will also prove useful during remote learning or a conversation that lasts many hours

Wired headphones – classic and universal, light and useful in many situations. Unfortunately, they are not very comfortable, and tangled cables can effectively hinder study or work

Wireless headphones – they have the advantage that we don’t have to bother with tangled cables. Unfortunately, they are a bit heavier, in addition, remember to connect the headphones to the charger

Once you choose a given type of headphones, consider whether they will be useful to other household members.

2. What Are Headphones With A Microphone Useful For?

Remote learning headphones can also be useful in other situations. For example, when we have long conversations via the instant messenger, we work in a hybrid system or remotely (headphones are useful during videoconferences, etc.). It is also worth investing in good, comfortable headphones if we record vlogs or broadcast live. Of course, in most cases, headphones are also essential for communication during the game.

Headphones provide comfort, they are a very practical and functional solution. They are most often useful not only to the person who uses them, but also to other tenants, for example by ensuring silence.

3. How To Connect Headphones?

When buying headphones, we must check whether they will be compatible with our laptop or computer. If you are sure they are compatible and connected properly, but the headphones still do not work, please proceed to the next steps. Check sound card drivers (device manager, sound controllers). To update drivers, right-click “properties”, then “drivers” and then “update driver” option.

Still not working? So, another important tip is the volume control – check the knob or button on the headphones, as well as the volume level on the computer. If that still doesn’t work, check the volume mixer. You may have muted the audio in a specific app. Unfortunately, problems with headphones and their proper connection happen quite often, but we can deal with it by going through the steps in accordance with the instructions.

If you are concerned that you have bought a broken device or you feel that you are not able to connect the headphones properly, you can always use the help of a computer service.

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