Monitor holders – an unnecessary gadget or a useful accessory

Monitor holders

Modern monitors take up much less space. The lack of a deep housing makes it much easier to position the monitor on a desk. The monitor holder can provide even more space, comfort and ergonomics. For what reasons is it worth buying it?

The monitor holder is not only a gadget for IT specialists. For people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, it significantly facilitates their daily work and helps to keep order. Installing two, three or four screens does not require an even larger desk today. A large amount of free space is a convenient place for meals eaten in front of the computer screen or spreading notes.

A Monitor Holder Means Better Organization Of Work

A thin tube attached to the table top or wall allows you to get rid of the wide stand placed on the desk. Monitor holders reduce the amount of space occupied by screens to a minimum. The saved space can be used to set the keyboard or notes for the project. Some models of monitor holders also have a place for cables. This solution has a positive effect on the aesthetics and better organization of the workplace. Many models also have a USB hub located on the handle, which is convenient to use.

Fixing The Monitor – Protection Against Children

The standard monitor is not attached or stabilized in any way. Children playing in the home office can drop it very quickly. The screen break is facilitated by cables located behind it, which often fall victim to running animals. The collapse of an expensive screen is a considerable expense. The cost of repairing a broken matrix usually exceeds the profitability of purchasing new equipment. The desk holder for the monitor allows you to control the screen even when no one is at home.

Adjusting The Monitor Holder And Work Ergonomics

A comfortable position at the computer reduces spine and eye strain. The monitor holder allows you to precisely position the screen. Installing the monitor on the arm allows it to be rotated even 360 °. Adjustment allows you to quickly change the screen position from horizontal to vertical. This solution seems especially friendly to programmers working with code. A properly positioned screen is also a healthy spine. The monitor holder allows you to adjust the position in such a way as not to force the user to tilt. The correct position while working in front of the computer means no burden on the spine and a completely healthy posture.

Types Of Monitor Holders. Which One Is Worth Choosing?

Many people preparing a new workplace wonder which monitor holder to choose. Movable (the so-called arm), in the form of a vertical post or maybe mounted on a wall? There are various types of monitor holders on the market. Each of them has its pros and cons.

The handle in the form of an arm is a structure attached to the desk top. It is characterized by high flexibility and allows the screen to be moved in different directions. These types of handles allow you to place up to 4 screens on them. The swivel arm allows for independent adjustment of each monitor.

The vertical bar allows you to adjust the height of the screen and the angle of its inclination. The holder with a post is perfect for positions with many screens.

Mounting the monitor on the wall is a solution that ensures high stability. Choosing this type of monitor holder, however, requires making holes in the wall. Therefore, before installation, it is worth making sure that it is suitable for drilling. Attaching the holder to the monitor is also troublesome due to the possibilities of rearranging the house / apartment. The openings after removing the handle will force the work related to plastering or plastering.

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