How to choose a laptop 5 things you should pay attention to


Laptops are increasingly replacing desktop computers. Their performance, mobility and multi-functionality make them an excellent choice for students, graphic designers and sales representatives. If you want a reliable laptop for yourself, check what to pay attention to before buying it.

  • Way of usage
  • The size and type of the matrix
  • Disc capacity
  • Battery life
  • Optional accessories and programs

The laptop is an alternative to the classic desktop computer. Smaller, lighter and mobile equipment is useful in many situations where a traditional PC is not very functional. In addition, laptops are available in different versions, so they can be used by almost all users – office workers, students, students and even gamers. If you are looking for a laptop for yourself, find out about 5 things you should pay attention to before buying it.

Way Of Usage

What kind of laptop to choose? First of all, you should evaluate what will be the most common use of the device. Other devices are suitable for office and home users, and others for players and graphic designers. The average user will be satisfied with most mid-range laptops. In the case of graphic designers, the situation is a bit different. Graphic designers need laptops with large matrices that facilitate design and with efficient processors. A modern, powerful processor enables smooth operation of graphics programs and multimedia processing.

The most powerful laptops are suitable for gamers. Games require a strong processor, an efficient graphics card and a capacious disk. Importantly, the laptop should have the best possible parameters, not just tailored to the needs of a specific game. Thanks to its high power, the computer will be useful to the player in the coming years, as it will cope with demanding titles coming out in the future.

The Size And Type Of The Matrix

The larger the matrix, the more comfortable it is to work with. Laptops with large matrices are commonly used by graphics and gamers, but users who want maximum mobility prefer smaller screens. The size of the matrix has a significant impact on the weight of the device. The small matrix is ​​lighter, making the laptop equipped with it easier to carry.

When it comes to the type of matrix, you can choose between glossy and matte models. Matte matrices are recommended to graphic designers and people who often use a laptop outdoors or in rooms with variable lighting. Thanks to them, the mirror effect is avoided, because nearby objects are not reflected in the matte screens. Other successful users can use glossy screens.

Disc Capacity

The capacity of the disk in laptops available in RTV EURO AGD is varied. A larger drive increases the purchase price of a laptop, so you should bet on the size of the disk you actually need. A large disk will be useful primarily for those users who want to store numerous photos and videos.

If you choose a 250 GB drive, on average it will fit 100 movies and 25,000 photos. Up to 400 films and 100,000 photos can fit on a four times larger disk, i.e. with a capacity of 1 TB. Thanks to this, you can realistically assess how large a disk you need to comfortably use the laptop of your choice.

Battery Life

In laptops, mobility is an important feature, so before buying equipment, you should check how long the selected laptop can run on a battery. On average, a battery will discharge in 2-3 hours with normal use when fully charged. In more efficient models, the battery can last up to several dozen hours on a single charge. Thanks to this, you can easily take such laptops on a trip or to places where there is no access to electricity.

When it comes to a laptop battery, it’s a good idea to make sure how many charge cycles it’s intended for. The greater the number, the longer the battery will remain fully functional. The low number of charging cycles means that the battery will only be partially charged after several months, which will significantly reduce the available working time.

Optional Accessories And Programs

Before you buy a laptop, you should check to see if you are getting computer software or accessories with the hardware. First of all, a good solution is to buy a device with the operating system and the most important office programs. Graphic designers can look for offers with graphics processing programs and for creating logos, posters, etc.

Before you buy a laptop, it is also worth checking whether it is possible to buy accessories at an attractive price. Most notable are wireless computer mice, laptop cases, cooling pads, as well as external drives. Sometimes such items are added to the laptop for free as part of various promotions, so it is worth following the offers of stores such as RTV Euro AGD. This gives you the chance to take advantage of the best shopping opportunities at a given time.

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