How to conduct an online survey without your own database of respondents?

online survey

conduct an online survey without your own database of respondents

Surveys are a treasury of knowledge not only for scientists, but also for entrepreneurs. However, the implementation of the survey may cause some problems, from creating a survey to collecting surveys. The following article will show you how to quickly and cost-effectively conduct a survey on your own.

The Use Of Survey Research In Business

Surveys, once the domain of scientists, are gaining popularity all the time. Huge corporations do their research before making important investment and marketing decisions. The greatest advantage of survey research is the versatility of the surveys and the possibility of creating a survey that responds to the company’s needs. So they are also a great tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Using surveys, you can conduct research such as:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you want to check whether your customers are satisfied with the services or products you offer, conduct a customer satisfaction survey. Information on the level of customer satisfaction and, more importantly, opinions on possible changes will allow you to adjust the offer to the requirements of consumers. Customer satisfaction research will allow you to develop loyalty in your customers in the long term, which will translate into higher profits and build a group of brand promoters.

Brand Recognition Research

Is competition in your industry fierce? If you want to check how recognizable your brand is compared to the competition, conduct a brand recognition study. When creating a survey of this type, explore spontaneous awareness, assisted awareness, and top of mind awareness.

Study of the company’s strengths and weaknesses

A questionnaire survey can also be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company. An additional third-party perspective can reveal hidden problems and advantages that were previously overlooked. Assessment of strengths and weaknesses along with consumer suggestions can help to solve current problems.

Market Research

Market research provides information on supply and demand, the position of the companies involved, and consumer behavior. Getting to know the specifications of the market and the current trends is important both for companies that are there and for companies thinking about expanding into new markets.

Marketing Research

Marketing research is a very broad subcategory of research. They will allow you to check how the completed advertising campaign did, what to pack a new product or choose the best advertising spot. Advertising campaigns, product packaging affect the recognition of the company and its profits.

Basic Information On Creating A Research Survey

Creating your first survey may seem complicated, but there are some general principles that will help you create an unbiased survey. When creating a survey, take the following points into account:

Structure Of The Survey

The survey questionnaire should have a cover page with information about the expected time of completion and an introductory sentence about what the survey will be about. After completing the survey, there should also be a message thanking you for completing the survey and for your time. If your survey covers several topics, divide the survey into pages, thanks to this you will also avoid a situation in which further questions could suggest previous answers.

Create Questions

By using the SurvGo online survey program, you gain access to 19 different widgets, do not be afraid to diversify your survey. Additionally, if any questions are contradictory, create conditional questions so that you avoid respondents giving random answers to a question that does not apply to them.


Sociodemographic questions about age, gender or family situation may seem unnecessary. By placing them at the beginning of the survey, you will be able to precisely target your company’s target group. The metric also allows you to discover interesting and invisible at first glance statistical relationships.


When creating a poll for the first time, you can fall into the trap of creating suggestive questions. Responses to such questions may be surprisingly positive, but they will not be in line with reality, and the study will lose a lot of quality. Maintain objectivity in creating your survey by adding negative, positive and neutral answers to your questions!

How To Create A Survey Based On A Ready-Made Database Of Respondents

Questionnaire surveys stand out among the various research methods by their quick implementation time and much lower costs. By choosing the SurvGo online survey program, you will gain access to a program in which you can design a survey and, if necessary, carry it out on a group of 150,000. panelists even in 24 hours!

If you decide to carry out the research on your own, select “Consumer panel” when creating the survey. You can additionally direct the research on the panel to your target group thanks to the possibility of selecting the size and characteristics of the sample. You can determine the characteristics of the sample free of charge due to two sociodemographic factors such as: age, gender, family situation, place of residence or net income per person in the household. The use of the selection of the sample characteristics is recommended mainly to enterprises with an offer addressed to an already defined target group.

If you do not feel confident in preparing a questionnaire or writing a report, you can purchase additional options, such as preparing a research survey, consulting a research tool or preparing a research report. Create your first online survey and make decisions based on information from consumers.

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