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Google ads

Google Ads campaigns, formerly Google AdWords, is an advertising system that enables the display of text, image and video ads. Google Ads is a way to quickly reach the target group we interested in and increase the conversion rate. Are such campaigns a good solution for you? How can they contribute to increasing the visibility of your business online? The most important information below. We encourage you to read!

Google Ads – What Are They?

Let’s start with explaining the topic and explaining what Google Ads campaigns are.

Google Ads is an advertising system that allows you to display sponsored links. In the case of Google Ads, we choose the places where the ad is to displayed. We also decide on the maximum rate we want to pay for clicking a link or watching a video.

Google Ads Campaigns Can Be Billed According To The Following Rules:

  • CPC, PPC (Cost Per Click, Pay Per Click) – this is a payment for each click on the ad.
  • CPM (Cost Per Mile) – payment for every thousand ad impressions.
  • CPV (Cost Per View) – applies to video campaigns. The fee is charged when the user watches at least 30 seconds of the video.

Google Ads Campaign – Where Is It Displayed?

Google Ads ads appear in different places. Depending on our marketing goals, we can choose solutions such as:

  • Search Network Campaign – Your ad will appear in places such as search results, Google Maps, and search partners.
  • Shopping campaigns – Google Ads campaigns will appear in places such as the Shopping tab, the Google Display Network, and in Google Search (next to the search results).
  • Video ads – video ads are displayed on YouTube, on partner websites, in applications.
  • Local campaigns – search network, advertising network, Google maps, You Tube.
  • Campaigns promoting applications – such campaigns are visible in search results, on websites of Google partners, in Google Play, in the advertising network.

Types Of Google Ads Campaigns?

We distinguish the following Google Ads advertising campaigns.

Search Network Campaign

A campaign in the search network is a perfect solution for companies with different specifics of operation, including the e-commerce industry. Thanks to such campaigns, we can reach people who are looking for the products and services we offer.

Display Campaign

If you need effective ads to increase your brand recognition, display campaigns are a great choice. Google Display Network is a Google advertising network that counts over 2 million websites and other media, more precisely, YouTube and applications.

Display campaigns are various types of graphic creations. The creative format depends on the type of ad we choose.

Such Google ads generate many views – we have the option to choose which groups of recipients will displayed (we can determine, among other things, the gender and age of the people we want to reach).


Remarketing is a solution dedicated primarily to e-commerce companies. Cookies are used here. We distinguish between static and dynamic remarketing.

Static remarketing is displaying advertisements to users who have already visited our website. Such advertising aims to encourage the customer to visit our website again.

Dynamic remarketing is about showing potential customers products they’ve already viewed and encouraging them to complete their purchases.

Local Campaign

Local campaigns, as the name suggests, dedicated to businesses operating locally. Such advertisements have large ranges, they allow you to reach customers from the local market. The goal of the local Google Ads campaign is to attract new customers, increase the number of visits and phone calls. To run this campaign, you need photos, videos and a Google My Business Card.

Product Campaign

Another solution that we can decide on in the case of Google Ads are product campaigns (PLA – Product Listing Ads). Thanks to such campaigns, we will be able to promote selected products. For Google Ads product campaigns, a Google Merchant Center account and a data feed with information about the entire inventory of the store required. Preparing a file is one of the most difficult steps.

Google Ads Campaigns – Advantages

The biggest advantages of Google Ads include the following:

Sponsored links will make you quickly reach your target group, i.e. your potential customers.

The Google advertising system discussed today enables a precisely defined group of recipients.

Ads displayed almost immediately after optimization, thanks to which we can achieve marketing goals in a relatively short time.

  • Any number of keywords and key phrases.
  • Ability to suspend the campaign at any time.
  • Hassle-free campaign optimization, conversion tracking capability.
  • 1stplace – Google Ads Campaigns offer and more

Running a Google Ads campaign is one of the services of 1stplace – a marketing agency that is not afraid of challenges. A dedicated Google Ads specialist will introduce you to the subject of the campaign, perform an audit of the Google Ads account, configure ad groups and ensure that more and more people visit your website. What’s more, the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns will constantly monitored, which will allow for ongoing improvement.

1stplace will also take care of the positioning of your business website – positioning will increase your visibility in organic search results.

Among other marketing activities offered by 1stplace, we can mention running profiles in social media or FB Ads campaigns.

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