Is it worth buying a post-leasing computer?


Although the prices of popular laptops make them affordable for almost everyone, this mainly applies to cheaper models for home use. The prices of higher-end computers with better parameters are often 2-3 times higher. If we do not want or cannot afford such a computer straight from the store, it is worth considering an alternative, which are post-leasing computers. What is worth knowing about them and what to pay attention to when buying? We will try to answer these questions below.

  1. post-leasing computer, or what?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of post-leasing computers
  3. A few words of summary

Post-Leasing Computer, Which Is What?

Leasing is usually associated with car financing, and rightly so. Companies also very often use leasing when purchasing office equipment. As you know, when purchasing computers in bulk, the cost of their purchase is hundreds of thousands of zlotys. It is much more convenient to lease them and pay them off monthly. At the end of the contract, which usually takes 2-3 years, the computers are returned to the lessor for resale.

Post-leasing laptops very often belong to business lines, which makes them much more efficient than most computers sold in electronics stores.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Post-Leasing Computers

Every time we deal with second-hand equipment, we must be aware of certain limitations and possible imperfections of the purchased goods. Post-lease laptops are no exception. It’s time to mention three things to keep in mind when buying a second-hand laptop.

  1. The battery, and more precisely its lifetime. As you know, its condition largely determines the attractiveness of the device. Nobody wants a computer that refuses to work after 1-2 hours of work without electricity. We do not have much influence on the battery life of a used computer, but it is worth checking immediately after purchase how long our equipment will last without access to electricity. If this time is dangerously short, e.g. 1-2 hours, you should consider returning the computer and looking for another one.
  2. A fairly limited selection of models is another point worth mentioning. Here you can refer to the car market. When deciding on a post-lease car, we are kind of forced to choose from just a few brands and a few specifications. However, while in cars the appearance is very important, in the computer it remains a bit in the background.
  3. General technical condition. A very subjective term that could mean something different to everyone. In practice, it means that post-leasing computers must have traces of use. The question is how big? Before buying, it is always worthwhile to carefully inspect the selected item, and if you buy the equipment online, ask for a few photos. In this way, we will avoid many disappointments and save a lot of time on returns and complaints.

A Few Words Of Summary

  • Despite some imperfections that post-leasing laptops may have, they have a number of advantages.
  • First of all, what we have not mentioned in the point above is the cost of the purchase.
  • Taking into account the price-performance ratio, post-lease hardware is second to none.

A computer with very good parameters at the price of PLN 1000-1200 sounds almost unbelievable for someone who has encountered the topic for the first time. Finally, we will refer to the car market once again. Cars, premium, expensive, but very desirable, are very popular when they are 3-4 years old. Then their price is much lower than the catalog price, and most of the car’s features remain unchanged. It is worth remembering this and not be afraid of second-hand computers.

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