Spacious holiday home what to do to make it seem bigger

holiday home

Despite the fact that small wooden houses are extremely comfortable and charming, living in such a house often gives us the feeling that we live in a claustrophobic room. Therefore, it is worth making sure that at least optically they seem larger. Decorating a structure such as an all-year-round house can be quite a challenge. The area is so small that many elements have to be joined together. From a bedroom, which is also a workplace, to a kitchen that serves as a dining room. Here are a few décor tips that can make your holiday home look a little bigger, without excluding anything essential.

Enter Multiple Light Sources

Nothing makes a cottage feel cramped like low lighting, so go ahead and bring in as much light as possible. Of course, there’s no better lighting than sunlight – it’s a surefire way to expand a small space. Therefore, during the day, always try to keep your windows open and your curtains uncovered to make good use of this reliable light source. However, when the sun goes down, it is worth taking care of appropriate artificial lighting. For small rooms, it’s a good idea to combine all three types of lighting – general, task and spot lighting. Therefore, choose ceiling-mounted chandeliers, wall-mounted lamps, and a couple of bedside lamps.

Use Lots Of Mirrors

Mirrors are an essential element in small spaces as they diffuse light around the entire room. In addition, they look extremely decorative in any room, are very functional, and most importantly, they create the illusion of more space. First, think carefully where the mirror could be hung. In a small space, mirrors that extend from the floor to the ceiling are best. If you don’t want to bring extra furniture into your room, consider mirrored wardrobe doors. However, if you have a really small area, it is also worth thinking about hanging a mirror above the sofa, bed or fireplace as an alternative to decorative paintings. Also choose other mirrored surfaces, such as silver or glass decorative elements, e.g. photo frames, vases.

Choose The Right Colors

Colors can make a big difference to the look and feel of your summer cottage. They can create an optical illusion in an excellent way, making a room appear spacious. Light shades are more reflective and can make a space open and airy. Such colors also maximize the effect of natural light. On the other hand, darker shades absorb light and make the room appear tighter. In small rooms, it is best to choose colors such as yellow, beige, light blue or the recently fashionable white. These colors can not only make a room look bright, but also cozy.

Having a small summer house doesn’t mean you have to live in a small space. There are many interesting decorative solutions and tricks that will make even the smallest room look spacious. The feeling of space within your own four walls is extremely important for the comfort of life. Take a look at these basic summer cottage decor tips and create a more open living space for yourself, your family and friends. We strongly believe that having a minimum size should not be an obstacle when it comes to designing a beautiful space.

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