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The nationwide quarantine is over, but some news related to the coronavirus pandemic stayed with us for a long time. A significant change was experienced especially by people who previously worked only in the office, and were forced to operate in the home office mode almost overnight.

The home office allows you to avoid many of the nuisances known from working in the office, but at the same time generates a number of new, difficult challenges. As for the latter, most of the difficulties are related to the interpenetration of private and professional life. After all, it is difficult to concentrate on work when the partner talks, the children ask to play, and the dog demands a walk. The fact that until now the house has been associated mainly with rest, and now it is supposed to be a place of intense intellectual effort, does not help either. So what is necessary to be able to work efficiently in it? Here are the 6 basic rules!

Home Office In One Permanent Place

Working in different rooms of the house, it is difficult not only to separate professional and private matters, but also to mobilize to action and work effectively. That is why it is worth designating one specific place to Work From Home. Ideally, it should be a separate room that serves as a home office. If such a luxury cannot counted, it is worth allocating an area in a given room where the Top 6 effective ways to work effectively at Work From Home performed; you can use, for example, a wardrobe, a screen, or even tall house plants. The arranged space should include: a desk or table, a computer, as well as other materials and devices needed for work.

Reliable And Fast Internet Is Essential

When organizing a space for remote work, you must not forget about access to a stable, high-speed Internet connection. Without it, it is difficult to work efficiently, without interruption – especially if several household members use the network at the same time.

Regardless of the Work From Home performed, the best choice will probably be a fixed-line Internet. It guarantees unlimited data transfer, which allows you to use it practically non-stop, as well as high bandwidth and link stability. Importantly, it is also attractively priced – at TOYA, the cheapest high-speed home Internet package is available from PLN 49.90 per month (details at:

Remote Work At Specific Times

Working in a home office mode requires implementing rules that will make you feel like you are in a “real” office. Therefore, it is also important to work at certain times, preferably the same hours every day. In addition, during working hours, you should forget about all other unrelated matters: washing, cooking, cleaning or washing up. These duties that normally performed after Work From Home and should remain so.

Work From Home, Office Clothes

In order to motivate yourself to act and to have an appropriate attitude to professional duties, you should also wear appropriate clothes. Remote work in tracksuits or pajamas is definitely not a good solution – dress neatly, preferably just like for the office. A neat outfit and hairstyle will have a positive effect on your well-being, and will also make it easier to enter the mode of effective work.

Routine Promotes Efficiency

The efficiency of Work From Home in the home office mode is positively influenced by everyday, routine activities and behaviors. It can be morning coffee or meditation, or a quick walk immediately after waking up. Typical professional rituals are also important, for example short, regular breaks from sitting at a desk, or time for lunch. The latter can eaten during a virtual meeting with colleagues – this will allow you to feel a substitute for office reality, which is conducive to efficient Work From Home.

Time For Rest And Private Life

Some people who have only recently started working remotely have a problem with ending Work From Home at a specific time. They sometimes sit at their desks from morning to evening, so they don’t have time for private life and leisure. Meanwhile, neglecting these issues quickly turns the home office into a torment and a source of frustration. Therefore, in order to maintain mental hygiene, it is essential to plan your afternoons and evenings. It is best to spend them on physical activity, reading books or simply contacting your loved ones.

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