Which PHP framework is popular for absolute beginner?

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Frameworks are beneficial to all developers because it has actual software that software is created. To speed up development, frameworks offer pre-built components. You shouldn’t overlook PHP when we talk about frameworks. PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) is a quick, flexible, flexible, and popular scripting language designed to develop websites. According to a study conducted by W3Tech, PHP is used by 78.9 percent of all sites as the server-side scripting language.

The latest version of PHP is 8.1. However, many developers prefer working on version 7.4 due to its vast capabilities and ease of use. The use of PHP for your website helps in the management of dynamic content and database tracking, session tracking, and even the creation of entire websites. With all these benefits, we’ll look at what is the Best PHP Framework for Web Development that you can make use of in Web Designer London companies.

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Popular PHP frameworks for beginners


Laravel, which released in 2011, is one of the most popular, free, open-source, and prevalent PHP frameworks for developing web applications with a variety of customizations. Pfizer, Tour radar, and BBC employ Laravel to build their web applications using server-side programming languages. It is well-known for it is its secure handling of complicated web-based applications. provides a wide range of ecosystems and makes it easier to manage development by reducing the work involved in sessions such as queuing, routing caching, and authentication. It comes with more than 20 built-in libraries that make the creation of the web simpler. With Laravel, automating tasks that were previously done manually is easy.

Features of Laravel:

  • Scalable and Secure
  • Functionality and security packages
  • Email Integration system
  • Active community
  • Supports MVC architecture


Symfony is a framework that was first released on the market in 2005. It is a modular PHP framework that’s an excellent framework for running large corporate apps. Additionally, the most appealing thing about Symfony that in one click, the deployment can be completed. Additionally, configuration and setup are also simple. Some of the most notable projects using Symfony include Drupal8 publishing, eZ, and Open sky. Since it is a comprehensive PHP framework, it has strong participation from the community. Because of the vast accessibility of libraries and components which are available, it’s the first choice for Web Development London companies. It permits integration with other libraries from vendors, and this is the reason Symfony is the best choice for developers who want to develop versatile and feature-rich apps.

Features of Symfony:

  • The creation of Microservices, APIs, and APIs is simple
  • Reduces redundant coding
  • Utilizes Doctrine ORM to run the databases.
  • Database-engine independent

    3. Laminas (Formerly Zend):

The framework was launched in 2006 and is now available for download. Laminas is an open-source, object-oriented PHP framework that allows developers to offer high-quality software for business-oriented clients. It is flexible and can connect with other libraries in a way that is different from other frameworks. The primary reason to use it is to ensure security as well as speed and performance. It has collaborated with businesses such as IBM, Google, and Microsoft. It is comprised of three components, namely components, MVC, Mezzio, and API tools.

Features of Zend:

  • Extendable by inheritance and interfaces
  • Session administration, easy cloud API, and encryption of data
  • Extendable by features like inheritance and interfaces
  • The editor is drag and drop, a web-based debugging tool
  • Excellent and comprehensive performance


CodeIgniter, which was launched in 2006, is a well-known and light PHP framework that  one of the smallest footprints (file size of just 2MB with documentation). It provides error handling and is the best choice for building dynamic websites. prebuilt modules which aid in creating reusable and durable components. It comes with a library with a simple interface that requires a logical structure for access. The most recent release of this framework has 1.2MB in size. Companies like Udemy, QuinStreet, Adobe, and Medical Guardian use this framework.

Features of CodeIgniter:

  • Steps to encryption
  • Simple Security and Extendable
  • Insignificant PHP adoption battle
  • It is easy to implement CRUD functions without making use of raw SQL
  • Promotes quicker page load


CakePHP, which was released in the year 2005, is considered to be the most simple and open-source framework based on MVC architecture. It includes a variety of libraries and components that assists in developing commercial applications swiftly. Implementation of CRUD functions is simple with this framework. It utilizes the CoC (convention over configuration) approach that provides the coding guidelines developers must adhere to. The latest version, 4.0, introduced skeleton design and APIs that allow for the rapid development of apps. Earlier companies such  BMW, Hyundai, and Express were drawn to the framework.

Features of CakePHP:

  • SQL injection prevention
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Secure and Scalable
  • Inbuilt ORM


It launched in 2008; Yii, which means “Yes, it is” in Chinese, is a basic, quick, and component-oriented PHP framework with outstanding speeds and efficiency, perfect for creating modern web-based applications. It’s a strictly object-oriented PHP framework that requires knowledge of all concepts in OOPS. It comes with a powerful class code generator called Gii. It is also a principle of the DRY (Don’t Repetition Yourself) principle, making it ideal for large-scale projects. Websites that make use of YII include Deloitte as well as General Electric.

Features of YII:

  • Large and efficient.
  • Testing of functionality and unit tests
  • Support for layering caching
  • Secure encryption and authentication

    7. Phalcon:

It released in 2012; Phalcon is the first PHP full-stack platform that is scalable, quick, and has a development style built upon C or C++. Its distinct feature that it’s fast as lightning and written in C and comes with an extension to C. It also comes with the ability to create flawless web applications. Autoloader, asset management, and caching are a few of the main features that this framework provides. Thirty-four organizations utilize the Phalcon framework to develop. Among them are, Urban Sports Club, the Proshore, and Edureka.

Features of Phalcon:

    • Code compilation
  • MVC architecture
  • VOLT template engines
  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

The phalcon query language used for writing queries as well as Phalcon transactions to ensure data integrity.

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Conclusion: Which PHP Framework Is Best for Beginners?

For beginners, it is best to stick with more straightforward and compact frameworks that are easy to comprehend. If they need to, Web Design London can move to more advanced frameworks after they’ve learned these.CodeIgniter is the most effective PHP framework for novices because it is easy to learn and use. It built on MVC, the MVC design, it is easy to download, includes numerous guidelines, and is easy to understand for novices who would like to develop web applications using PHP.

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