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Cell phones are worn so often that we sometimes forget your official name. Smartphones marked a global revolution on all levels. For this reason, we should all know what a smartphone is. By the way, meet two brands that dominate this segment around the world: Apple and Samsung.

The first smartphone was created by IBM in 1992 and was called Simon. However, it was released in 1993 and was marketed by BellSouth.

The term smartphone belongs to the English language and refers to what we know as a smartphone in our language. It is a cellular (cellular) phone that offers computer-like benefits and is distinguished by its connectivity.

It is not uncommon for a smartphone to be halfway between a conventional cell phone and a laptop. The smartphone has all the basic functions of a mobile phone (allows you to make phone calls, send text messages, etc.) and adds advanced functions (Internet connection, multimedia, touch screen).

Today, there are different types of smartphones, some with more features than others. Using a smartphone, the user can do the following:

  • Connect to the Web through a 3G or WiFi network
  • Check a location using a GPS
  • Play MP3 or video files
  • Take pictures and record videos
  • Use games
  • Manage an agenda
  • And, in some cases, until viewing work documents created in PDF or other formats.

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