6 Tips to Creating An Effective Explainer Video

Explainer Video

1. Objectives And Tasks

Content marketing is all about making your customers profitable. These will be different for each company and brand and the level of performance expected. From the very beginning, before an explainer video is created, the brand must have a clear idea of ​​the goals and assumptions of the content it creates. Any decision in the content creation process should be centered around them. They should be briefly written and associated with them throughout the manufacturing process. These are the main factors that will influence the design of your explainer video from the very beginning.

2. Clearly Define Your Audience

To influence your audience, you really need to know who they are and what they care about. Otherwise, it’s very hard to connect and start building a relationship with them. You need to get to the bottom of what your audience needs, what they want and what problems you can help them with.

This translator from Western Power clearly defines the audience – children. This is reflected in animations, voice-over and audio.

3. Be Important

Content marketing is an exchange of value, which means that only the most valuable content will be consumed. The messages you convey in your explainer video should be a cross between what you consider important and what interests your audience. Therefore, most explanatory videos involve understanding your audience’s situation before solving it for the benefit of your brand’s product or service.

4. Be Their Entertainment

The role of marketers becomes more and more difficult every day. Breaking through the mess and engaging your audience is becoming more and more challenging. To do this, your content needs to be educational, inspirational and, above all, fun. This type of content will give you the best chance of capturing your audience’s attention, inspiring them to action, and getting results. This is one of the most important video tutorial best practices that gets overlooked in the end.

5. Be Brief!

The audience’s attention is valuable. You’ll work hard to get it, so it pays off not to waste it once you’ve got it. And that means brevity in communication. Overall, most explanatory videos are approximately 90 seconds long. This gives you enough time to express your point of view without bombarding the prospect with information. If you feel the translator needs to be longer, it is still possible – just make sure the information you provide adds value.

This explanation for MYBOOKIE only takes 30 seconds, but it conveys the information the company wants to convey and the pace reflects the action their audience loves.

6. Be On A Brand

The brand is important. Provides a consistent look, style and tone of voice across all content. In this way, you create a customer experience that confirms your reputation and built brand.

To maintain this consistency and experience, your explainer video also needs to be brand focused. The fonts used and the color palette they contain will play a role in ensuring that they are so.

Best explainer video production agencies will ask for your brand guidelines in the pitching process and base their recommendations on them.

Optimizing websites for use on all devices, this video tutorial by Responsive Web Design reflects their brand and product in the way video presented. The assets in the video are responsive and so are the services they offer. Additionally, the colors and fonts reflect the brand itself.

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