Are you buying a 5G phone? Remember these three things

5G phone

5G services have started in the country. Mobile companies have been releasing BG phones since two years ago. In this context, let us know what factors to consider before buying a leased phone.

No waiting for movie download. Video calls do not show poor connection. No buffering in mobile gaming. 5G, which offers fast and uninterrupted: Telecom network is finally available in the country. Tech experts say that the advent of 5G will revolutionize the technology sector. Mobile network companies have announced that they will expand 5G services first in major cities and then to urban and rural areas across the country. Phone manufacturing companies have been releasing 5G phones in the market since two years ago, so many different models are available. How to choose the model suitable for our needs? Let’s see what factors should be kept in mind before buying a 5G phone.

Chipset is important

For the phone to support the 5G network, it must have a 1G processor. Mid-range and flip models of BG phones released in the market use the same processor. Some of these phones use Qualcomm processors, while others use MediaTek processors. Snapdragon 65, 75, 85 and later models support 5G. MediaTek Dimension Series 700, 8100, 9,000 along with G and Helio series processors support 5G network. Was it your processor before buying the phone? isn’t it It must be checked

What about brads?

After the processor, the important feature bands in 5G Mobile, you need to know how many types of Zee Bands the phone you are buying supports. If it supports at least eight to 12 different bands, the model you have chosen is right. If the phone you are buying only supports two or three of your Z bands then it is better not to buy it. Network provider companies offer BG services with varying bandwidth. There is no possibility of changes in these bandwidths in the future. In this background, if you buy a phone that supports only two or three bandwidths, you may not be able to get 5G services for a long time.

Will there be updates?

Any technology has some drawbacks in the beginning. The respective companies release updates to correct them. This is also applicable for 5G network. First, service providers will send over-the-air (OTA) updates related to the 5G network. To support these, the mobile company you are buying from should also be releasing OS updates from time to time. So, does the phone company you’re buying from update the OS often? Or? Check that. If the updates are not coming properly then it is better not to buy that phone.

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