SEO Consulting – Why You Should Use Them?

SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting

Anyone who runs or thinks about starting a business, an important part of which will be online presence, will sooner or later meet the term SEO. This abbreviation comes from the English Search Engine Optimalization and means a series of activities aimed at ensuring the visibility of our website on the Internet. The dynamic development of e-commerce, which we have been observing for years, makes the market very competitive. Luckily for all e-business owners, brand new services are emerging with this growth. One of them is SEO consulting. What are they and why should you use them? We write about it below.

What Stages Of Cooperation Are Included In SEO Consultations?

No matter how good a service or product we can offer, we must first reach a potential customer with our offer. If we are completely unfamiliar with the issues related to broadly understood SEO, there is a high probability that acting alone, we will make many unnecessary mistakes. Regardless of the stage of our activity, it is worth taking advantage of professional advice. An SEO specialist who knows the secrets of internet marketing can show us in a few steps what is worth implementing, what to change, and what can be abandoned.

Before we move on to discussing the most common services that include SEO consulting, let’s take a look at the stages at which we can undertake such cooperation. The breakdown below is certainly not the only one we can come across, but it should give a picture of what an SEO Specialist can help us with.

1. Determining What Are Your Website’s Business Goals

This is usually the initial stage in which we are only planning to launch an online store, for example. Completely different actions should be taken in the case of a nationwide store, different for a store whose activities are limited to one city, and completely different for a local pizzeria.

SEO consultations During the conversation with the consultant, we have to determine exactly who our competitor is, and how many similar entities operate on the market we are planning to enter. You may find that the market is saturated and there is a very high risk of entering it. It is enough to look at the generally available data on closing e-shops. Many of them do not stay on the market for more than 1-2 years. An SEO specialist, having the appropriate knowledge and tools at his disposal, is able to filter out a lot of valuable information on the basis of which we can make further decisions.

2. SEO Analysis And Competition Audit

This stage can be both the initial one and it will work well for already operating businesses. Often times, business owners decide to take SEO consultations only when business is not going well. In this way, they look for help in overcoming the situation. An analysis of the SEO activities carried out so far and an audit of the competition should provide valuable tips on what actions should be taken. Very often, the use of content marketing, obtaining links to the page or changing the words that we are trying to position will make us start reaching completely new recipients with the message.

3. Implementation Of Changes And Monitoring Of The Results

Stage three, which does not mean that it is less important. It is never so good that it cannot be improved.

Implementing changes to the store’s website is half the work. The second is the constant observation of the results of such changes. Our presence on the web requires constant attention from us. Both the growing competition and the emergence of new promotion tools mean that what worked 2-3 years ago today may give 50% of the former effects.

What Services Do SEO Consulting Include?

1. Positioning.

The most popular service and even necessary for most e-businesses. A number of activities undertaken as part of positioning are aimed at placing our website as high as possible in Google search results.

The advantage of positioning is that if we manage to appear high on specific phrases, we will start acquiring the so-called organic traffic, i.e. free redirects to your store. The downside is that the entire process is time-consuming. Positioning often takes months to achieve satisfactory results.

2. SEO audit

Audit, i.e. checking whether the activities undertaken so far in the field of promoting our website are bringing the desired results. The audit can be basic or very deep. However, the basic one should give us an answer, which should be improved on our website to make it more visible in the search results.

Sometimes minor corrections, getting a few valuable links to our website can give good results.

3. Searching for key phrases for our business

Used especially at the very beginning of Internet activities. It allows you to define which keywords can attract customers to your website, and at the same time they are not used very much by our competitors.

4. Implementation of the website analytics tool (Google Analytics).

Thanks to it, we will obtain, free of charge, relevant information on visits to our website, the time of customers’ stay, the most frequently visited subpages, etc.

5. Help in winning customers through paid Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

As we already know, positioning is a long-term process. Sometimes it is worth supporting yourself with paid advertising to get your first customers.

Of course, the above list is not exhaustive. However, it gives a picture of what we can count on from an SEO consultant.

How To Find An SEO Specialist?

The answer may seem simple – online. The truth is that there is increasing competition in this market as well. When choosing the right person, the key should be a portfolio, opinions of existing clients, and preferably a recommendation from another client with whom the SEO specialist chosen by us cooperated. Despite the easy access to information provided by the Internet, the so-called command usually works very well. A satisfied customer will gladly recommend the service provider further. If we cannot count on recommendations, it is worth starting the search with websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, where consultants very often have their professional profiles.

In summary, it is worth using SEO consultations. In this way, we gain professional knowledge and we can focus on the core business, giving the marketing part to a specialist. Successful cooperation with a consultant may and should take a long time. Competition is awake, the market is changing. There are both new opportunities and tools to support us in our online activities. Therefore, it is good to have someone who is up to date on the topic and will allow you to react to changes earlier than our competitors.

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