Simple Steps To Set Your Slack Status Automatically During Working From Home


Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, companies around the world have allowed their employees to work from home.

The move has resulted in a significant increase in the user base of Slack, a popular communication service for work.

But the thing about Slack is that it detects when you’re not using the service and shows you as “away.”

First, A Quick Review Of Slack

Slack is an app available on all major platforms that allows you to chat in different groups or “channels” with individual coworkers, team leaders and bosses, or all at once.

Offering tons of features, the program will display a small bubble next to your grip that will turn green or empty to indicate to your colleagues if you are “active” or “away”.

Slack Makes It Harder To Relax

The basic workings of Slack Bubbles give managers the ability to monitor their employees while they work from home.

This can be annoying some days, especially when you want to take a short break for some reason.

When you move, the bladder empties, letting them know you’re gone.

But There Is A Remedy!

In its current form, Slack doesn’t offer a way to be permanently active, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the app show you as active when you’re not.

This can be achieved by marking the factors under consideration as “active” and then exploiting these conditions.

So What Are These Terms?

To determine your availability, Slack evaluates how consistently you interact with the app and the platform on which it’s used.

For example, if you use Slack on the web, your browser will kick you out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

The same goes for the desktop app, but here it feels like 30 minutes of system downtime.

Ability To Fool The Slack Web/Desktop App

Now, for the Slack web/desktop app to show you as “active”, all you have to do is mimic system/browser activity.

To do this, open any channel in Slack, play a video on a loop on your phone, and hover your optical mouse over the phone screen while making sure the video continues to play.

This would result in small mouse pointer movements and keep Slack active.

You Can Also Try This Simpler Technique.

Alternatively, you can install the Slack mobile app and set up your work account on it.

Once done, simply change your phone’s screen timeout setting to 30 minutes or never (depending on your operating system) and open any Slack channel.

From there, it will stay active as long as the app is actively running with the screen on.

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