Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Security systems have come a long way over the years, and modern systems are more versatile than ever. From digital security cameras to remote-controlled locks, many security systems, such as Security by Reliant, are automated and can be controlled using an app on your phone. Thanks to this, you have access to all the most important information about your home at your fingertips, giving you peace of mind.

However, if you want to go a step further and learn more about ways to protect your home beyond your security system, or if you rent or can’t buy a home security system, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips that can help criminals break into your home.

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1. Don’t Keep Valuables In View

You’ll notice that one of the most common threads on this list is not just making yourself an accessible target – it’s by far the most important piece of advice we can give. If it looks like you don’t have much to steal, this may be enough to encourage burglars to move on to the next home. and if you have a nice car, keep it in your garage. and If you have a large TV, keep your windows closed at night. If you just got something new and expensive, don’t leave the box on the street. The last thing you want is to be the lowest hanging fruit on the tree.

2. Forget About “Hiding The Key”

The problem with having a retractable key is that you have to put it in a place that is relatively easy to find and remember – but it also makes it easier for an experienced burglar. Instead, choose a smart door lock that can be unlocked with a key as well as a unique user code. This code can be shared with friends and family, allowing them to access your home without the risk of a burglar finding a spare key.

3. Don’t Let Them Know You’re Gone

To continue this teamwork idea, if you’re away from home for extended periods of time, it’s a good idea for neighbors to pick up mail, mow the lawn, and do other things that prevent the house from appearing empty. Even leaving your car in the same place can be a clue to burglars that your home is empty and a potential target. If you’re not friends with your neighbors, you might consider leaving a few lights in the house to give the impression that someone is home and your mail is stored in the US Post Office, so you don’t have to worry about building them up. Most burglars are concerned about confronting the homeowner, so make sure your home misses the target.

4. Don’t Hide Your Home Too Much

Even with all these precautions, sometimes the best course of action is simply not to offer input. Avoiding tall hedges around doors and windows means burglars and thieves don’t have a sneaky way of sneaking in. Also, encourage burglars to track down your home.

5. Avoid the door with glass near the handle

In a similar vein, the glass door around the handle also tempts burglars, who can quickly break the glass and get into the house. Don’t make it easy for criminals.

6. Invest In Motion Activated Lights

Motion-activated lighting, especially as part of a larger home automation system, can be a great way to keep burglars and criminals away from your home. Sudden attention can often be enough to persuade a burglar to give up the break-in attempt.

7. Take Care Of The Safety Of Your Second Floor

While the doors and windows on the first floor can be armed and ready to go out, we often forget to make our entrances to the second floor just as secure. Window sensors, glass break detectors, and locks are also essential to stop burglars from trying to enter your home through the second floor. Make sure you close all windows at night and when you’re out, and consider using smart plugs to turn on a light or two when you’re out and you feel like someone is home.

8. Have The Police Check Your Home

If you are unsure whether your home is actually safe, many police departments will be happy to conduct home inspections for members of the community. Their knowledge can help you understand potential risk factors and areas where you may be exposed to hacking and other dangers.

9. Window Locks

Windows are known to be the weakest entry point, and while most home security systems such as Security by Reliant offer window sensors that trigger an alarm in the event of an intruder, there are other measures you can take to make sure that happens. reach this point. One of them is window locks. These highly effective yet inexpensive locks are ideal for use on basement and upstairs windows and keep burglars away from your home.

10. Use Common Sense

Common sense will prevail most of the time. Most criminals, especially burglars, are opportunists. By simply not luring a criminal to bite you, you can avoid becoming a target. Always be aware of your home and its surroundings, especially what it might look like in the eyes of a burglar.

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