What does visual identification mean?

visual identification

Visual identification is a whole series of activities and elements that are used in the company on a daily basis to build its image. It is he who will distinguish the company from other companies available on the market. What’s more, visual identification allows customers to always have the same positive feelings towards the company.

Why Is Visual Identification Important?

As we can read on the, specializing in visual identification, it is extremely important in order to develop a positive and coherent image of the company. Such an image in the eyes of customers is beneficial because each identifying element they see will evoke pleasant associations and remind them that they can use the services or products of a brand they already know.

It is also worth remembering that each of us judges first by appearance: both other people and companies or products. Therefore, it is important that the first impression is positive, just as the next associations will be positive. Visual identity does just that.

What is its effect? Of course, consistently built visual identification increases the recognition of the company and gives it an advantage over the competition. It also has a direct impact on increasing the company’s turnover.

Company Colors

One of the important features of visual identification is the appropriate selection of the company’s colors. It’s not hard to take the first colors from the edge – it’s an art to choose them so that they form a coherent whole and reflect the nature of the company. What to consider in this regard?

The psychology of colors is extremely important, as it imposes on us subconscious associations with specific colors. Green is nature and ecology, blue is trust and responsibility, white is purity, and red is love and energy, but sometimes also aggression. Other colors also have their own meanings. Choosing them according to the industry and company profile, we can easily suggest the colors of what the company does. For example, a company that produces clothes for children can use pastel roses and blues, which we subconsciously associate with little boys and girls.


Another important identification element of the company is the logo, which should be tailored to the target group and the industry in which the company operates. The logo both a sign and colors, so it should well thought out and well suited to the expectations of the company and future customers.

Its consistent use (against a specific background, on letterhead, brochures or just above the entrance) will be helpful in quickly informing customers about the company they are dealing with. It will also become an inseparable element of all digital materials (advertisements or website).

Various Company Materials

Each company uses its own materials, which are then delivered to customers. It can be a letterhead or pen, a binder or a folder, but also larger elements that are visual in nature. Even company cars that customers see matter. Therefore, each of these small (or not) elements should also be consistent with the entire vision of the company and its visual identification. Thanks to this, it will certainly be possible to build a coherent image of it and create an enterprise that will be easy to remember for customers.

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