What is a VPN and what does it do for photographers?


and more activities we do online – the Internet gives access not only to content, but also to entertainment (in many homes it has replaced television), shopping, communication and payments. This makes online security and privacy even more critical. We should all take care of it, just like keeping the door to the house or the car in the parking lot locked. Security and privacy are provided by a VPN. Find out what it is and what benefits it gives photographers.

What Is A VPN?

Traditionally, the computer connects directly to the network, which means that, as Internet users, we become almost defenseless against various types of hacking attacks, extortion attempts or watching what we browse on the Internet. In addition, there is also the possibility of stealing data or files. Surfing the web unsecured may end up infecting your hardware, leading to the loss of invaluable photos, stored on disk, passwords for bank accounts and other services, or hijacking customer data.

A VPN is a virtual private network that acts like a personal tunnel that connects your computer to the servers. As a result, what the server and your computer (user and network) communicate with each other remains hidden from the outside world. This ensures full freedom, freedom and most importantly – security. Your online activity is beyond the “sight” of hackers, malware, and the like.

The Man in the Middle attacks that VPN protects against are extremely popular. These are all these attacks that redirect the user to a fake website to obtain login credentials. In such situations, the cybercriminal extracts, for example, login details for a bank account. A VPN network allows you to effectively protect yourself against this eventuality. By using a private channel of communication with the network, you are simply absent from the network for hackers. And you use it normally – or even more freely than with traditional Internet connection. Why?


A VPN allows you to change the IP address in such a way that it is possible to virtually change the location of the computer. So your computer will be treated by the network as if it were located anywhere in the world. This seems to be a marginal problem, however, where in the world the computer is located, access to various services is often dependent. Sometimes even part of the offer of a given service provider is limited to specific parts of the globe, while in others it is blocked. If you travel a lot or want to be treated like any other internet user in the world – use a VPN.

A VPN is also useful for travel because it gives you complete security when connecting to hotspots in public places such as coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and airports. You can freely use the internet abroad without wasting cellular data and incurring additional costs, and at the same time be sure that your online activities will be completely safe for you.

In online stores, prices often differ depending on the country or region. To avoid such differences and always get the best offers at the same time, all you need to do is use a VPN. As in the case of services when browsing the offers of shops, VPN makes the IP independent of geographic coordinates.

VPN And Photography – What Will VPN Give You?

Full security and anonymity on the web, as well as access to all services and the best prices, sounds tempting, but what are the benefits for photographers? Well, apart from the fact that such solutions are needed by all network users, in the case of photographers they provide additional advantages.

Photographers who carry out commercial orders often send photos or videos by e-mail or by sharing them on external servers. An insecure communication channel between the computer and the network may result in previewing uploaded and downloaded files. For users who want to protect the privacy of their clients or work in advertising, full discretion is necessary, which is not always possible in a network without a VPN.

If you travel a lot, you will be sure to keep in touch with your customers. A VPN allows you to maintain complete security when sending session effects or sending copies of contracts from a hotel, restaurant, etc. Similarly, if you want to make a transfer for studio rental or rent equipment, you often have to do it quickly and make the transfer immediately. A VPN will allow you to do it safely anywhere.

There are priceless photos on your hard drive. They do not necessarily have to be performed for commercial assignments. You also store your artistic projects or family souvenirs on discs, which cannot be valued in any currency. Therefore, taking care of online safety is also taking care of this data. Protect yourself against hacker attacks, which are becoming more and more sophisticated and more dangerous every day.

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