Why you need smart lights and benefits of smart lights

smart lights

Home automation and smart lighting are revolutionizing the way people control the lighting in their homes, saving energy and increasing security with simple voice commands and home connectivity. That’s why smart lighting systems are one of the many energy-saving strategies for smart homes and a great first step into the Internet of Things (IoT) if you’re interested in smart technology.

Connectivity is an integral part of how smart lights work. Smart lighting easily connects to other IoT devices – all devices are IoT-based and can integrate with each other simultaneously. is one of India’s leading home automation companies and is proud to offer a wide range of IoT based smart devices.

What Are Smart Bulbs?

Smart bulbs are durable LED bulbs that can controlled and adjusted remotely by voice or smart technology. Smart lighting often connects to Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, and can even controlled via a mobile app.

Thanks to smart assistants, Wi-Fi LEDs can communicate with other devices on the network, including home touch switches.

How Do Wi-Fi Smart Lights Work?

Smart Wi-Fi lights work in two ways:

  1. Cloud connection via Wi-Fi, mobile data
  2. Network connection with another via Bluetooth.

The bulb’s connectivity allows users to turn lights on and off via voice commands, smart home routines, or remotely using a smartphone app. You can create smart scenes with other devices such as smart door lock.

You no longer need to get up to use the light switch: a simple command can turn on every light in the house, as well as control other devices such as a digital door lock. and You can use voice control or a smartphone app to operate the Wi-Fi bulb.

What Are Smart Bulbs Compatible With?

Our smart bulbs work with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile data. You can control the bulb using a smartphone application without additional hubs or using a universal remote control.

The Benefits Of Smart Lighting

Smart light bulbs and smart home solutions offer many benefits that can offset the upfront costs in the long run. The best smart lighting options save energy, last much longer than conventional bulbs, and offer customization options that both fun and practical.

Lower Energy Consumption

Smart home automation solutions such as smart lighting use CFL or LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs and can reduce the amount of electricity needed to light a room.

Longer Service Life

The average bulb has a lifespan of 750 to 2000 hours. In contrast, smart LED lights can run continuously for 35,000 to 50,000 hours, meaning the lights last longer.

Increased security. Our smart lighting options include smart scheduling features that turn bulbs on or off based on the time you set.

(smart led bulb)

Easy-To-Use Light Customization.

Whether your property is corporate or private, you probably use certain lights at certain times. Home automation with smart bulbs can programmed to turn on when you come home from work, at dusk at the end of the night, or turn off at certain times. Smart lights also integrate with various other devices such as Wi-Fi touch switch,

Fun Settings And Uses

Smart lights are as fun as they functional. The smart bulb offers over 16 million colors to choose from and can also integrated into a smart lock.

Smart Bulbs And Smart Light Switches

Smart bulbs are specialized light bulbs that can used with most outlets, as well as other smart devices such as a fingerprint door lock. However, smart switches installed in place of traditional light switches and offer many features associated with smart bulbs and can work with any type of light bulb.

Even conventional light bulbs can be used with smart switches and work with a universal remote control (although considering the energy-saving benefits of LEDs, using a smart switch to control the light bulbs is unproductive).

What Are Smart Bulb Sockets?

Smart light fixtures installed between regular light fixtures and incandescent lamps and can used to turn normal light on and off. Each type of smart plug has its own functions and some components best smart lighting offers an ever-growing range of options designed to increase both energy savings and customization. Here are some of the best features currently available.

Our smart bulbs have various features such as scene control, multi-color and timer. also offers the best home automation services in Gurgaon.

Install Smart Bulbs To Save Energy.

Because Alexa bulbs use much less energy than regular bulbs, they can save even more energy when programmed to automatically turn off at a certain time.

Control Smart Lighting Anywhere, Anytime.

He forgot to turn off the light every time. If you have smart lighting, you can turn it off even when you leave! When you feel that the light is on at home or at work, you can remotely turn it off using the phone app so that it does not consume energy when no one is in the building.

Smart Dimming Of Lighting With Presets And Commands.

Smart Assistant routines can used to automatically dim the lights under certain circumstances. For example, in a restaurant, you can dim the lights to create a more romantic, intimate atmosphere. At home, you can create a routine where the lights dim when you turn on the TV, and even set the lighting to softer when you usually eat dinner.

Have Fun With Smart Colored Bulbs.

While bulbs can only produce one color, our LEDs, which can be integrated with a touch switch, can produce more than 16 million colors.

The smart color bulbs can be set to change color based on your mood, and you can create smart scenes to automate them with other devices such as the Google Smart Lock. For some ideas, green is great for relaxing, red is energizing, and blue is cool.

Sync And Play Music Through Smart Speakers.

Smart Bulb speakers can used to play music, news or podcasts in any room in your property by sending voice commands to your smart home hub. Some smart bulb speakers can sync to music, flash or dim to the beat to turn any room into a mini dance party. In addition, all devices can integrated with other devices, e.g. smart electric switch.

Improve Sleep Quality With Color Temperature.

With an Alexa smart LED bulb, light can warm or cool and can have an impact on your space. For example, the effect of blue light on wakefulness is well documented. Blue light can interfere with the body’s circadian rhythm – the internal clock that regulates sleep

To improve sleep quality, try blocking blue waves with smart bulbs to reduce your exposure to blue light at night – choose warm colors like orange instead.

Smart light bulbs becoming more common in homes and businesses and valued for their energy efficiency and versatility. Smart lighting combined with intelligent assistants and home security systems allows you to adjust lighting to individual needs. We also offer the best smart lock in the industry.

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